life transition coach Authentic wellness with Leanne Mercure

Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here.

Hi! My name is Leanne and I’m a wellness coach and educator. Using a holistic approach, I help you change your mindset in order to move forward in areas where you feel stuck in your life.

Each challenge that we face is an opportunity for significant self-exploration and growth. When we are able to be fully present and embrace difficult transitions in our life, we are able to confidently step into a more evolved version of ourself.

If you have stumbled across this page, I ask you to take a moment to consider that it’s not by chance. I’m guessing that something is out of alignment for you and you’re in the midst of a search to figure out how to fix it.

Are you experiencing any of these challenges in your life?

+ Starting or ending a relationship
+ Having or adopting a child
+ Changing careers
+ Attending school
+ Significant financial loss
+ Health issues
+ Struggling with weight loss or body image
+ Relocation
+ Loss of a loved one
+ Confidence or self-esteem

Not all of these are negative events, yet we might still experience uncomfortable emotions – we might feel afraid, hopeless, frustrated, overwhelmed, or alone.

Whatever the challenge, and however it is manifesting in your mind and body right now, if you’re stuck and need guidance, that’s okay! We all do.

That’s where, as your wellness coach, I come into play. I can teach you how to find peace and freedom in your life by gaining clarity and confidence. I can help you realize your potential by shedding limiting beliefs and unhealthy habits. Together, we can set personal goals and develop a plan to reach them through gradual and authentic changes that make sense for you.

So if you’re willing to get honest, vulnerable, and committed, then I’m your girl. With my love, insight and no-nonsense guidance, you’ll have the support and accountability you need to move through whatever you’re struggling with and into the life you deserve.

So let’s get started! Invest some time in yourself today. Head over to my Connect With Me page to send me your info and we can set up a complimentary Discovery Call.